King of the Heavies - Cabernet Franc


They tilled the land, mined, built earth-movers in factories. Rooted to the ground. That was their presumed inheritance. But their dust-covered hands would clutch the throttles and triggers of the bombers sent to the Pacific. They flew the longest missions and were crowned above the jungles of Southeast Asia. They came to rule the skies, but they remained grounded all the while. They returned to the land, the Land of the Free, but, together, they always will be – the King of the Heavies.

The lesser known Cab, Cabernet Franc actually sired Cabernet Sauvignon. It's most famously from Bordeaux. While commonly known as a blending wine during much of the Twentieth Century, it is more frequently becoming a solo act due to its plethora of floral, plum, blackberry, spice, and herb aromas and flavors.

Our Cabernet Franc is a king of the heavies. It packs a punch of flavors; it soars by itself without the need to get lost as a blend. 

We find that our Cabernet Franc pairs well with hearty foods, particularly beef-centric meals. Or pair it with whatever you prefer, or with nothing at all! At the end of the day we like to say, Drink it, don’t overthink it.